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you're here too?

Know who you’re crossing paths with. Whether you and a friend are both travelling to the same place, or an old colleague is in town for the weekend.

Enable friends of friends, too, if you feel like meeting someone new who’s not a total stranger.

trust me.

Land somewhere and open itchyfeet's map to see real recommendations by people you know in real life.

No more tripadvisor. No more google searches at a foreign cafe with shitty wifi. Get out and explore.

Your best friend has been to Lisbon. She too appreciates a good coffee, so you know you can trust her.

Her favourite spots are already on your itchyfeet map. Filter for cafes, or even specifically her recs.

Then click a spot and find out exactly why she loves it, whether its her favourite order or the authentic atmosphere.

mums the word

Don’t worry - Itchyfeet never shows your exact location, only what city you're in.

Enable ghost mode to get off the grid. Or easily edit your ‘blacklist’ to keep certain people out of the loop.

always feel like a local

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